About Loxitorque

Loxitorque is the preferred importer and distributor of new and exciting products in the Nano Technology sector called Ultra Ever Dry and Nano Tech Coatings.

Loxitorque (pty) Ltd was created to intorduce a whole new concept of Nano Technology into South Africa and since the startup a year ago, our knowledge and operation has been expanding at a phenominal rate. With a large number of sales agents and offices we are well possitioned to service the whole of Southern and South Africa.

Our Vision

“To be the leader in Nano Technology in Africa.”

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create an organization which…

  • provides excellent service and high quality products; and
  • provides a cost effective service and deliver quality products without comprimising health & safety or the environment.
Want to find out more about us? Or become a re-seller?
Call our expert sales team at +27 (17) 648 3874 or contact us for a free presentation or call Kenny at +27 (0) 71 470 7913.